Establish Independence from Fiscal Sponsor


Case 2 was a 30-year old organization with a $450k budget focused on environmental justice and human services in San Francisco when they began working with Bookr in April 2021.

The Executive Director sought out Bookr to build the necessary support infrastructure to navigate an impending transition to independence from the Organization's fiscal sponsor.

Subscription type
Full Accounting & Finance Department Support
San Francisco, CA

Key Results

Within 12 months of working with Bookr, the Organization was able to accomplish the following (all without a single finance or accounting employee):

Implement controls

Design, implement and monitor system of robust internal controls, delegation of authorities, and roles & responsibilities to ensure transparency and reliability in reporting.

Establish independence

Establish independence from their fiscal sponsor while providing funding partners the confidence to sponsor the Organization's work post-independence.


Automate payments / cash disbursements, employee reimbursements and other business processes


Increase their annual budget by 277% YoY.

Current Organizational Snapshot



Annual budget

$ 1.8M

Grant contracts




*savings represents cost of Bookr compared to employing internal staff.

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