Enterprise-grade accounting, business intelligence, and forecasting for the mid-market

Enable data-driven decisions across your organization with the first concierge accounting, analytics, forecasting, and reporting suite built specifically for the mid-market.
Our team of analysts deliver enterprise-grade financial analysis and real-time forecasting for your business. Learn what your competitors already know: data + decisions = growth


Your dedicated team will learn your monthly business processes and curate all of your Company’s financial information. This ensures that your accounting records are always accurate, current and available


Let us take the headache out of managing your company’s accounting function with our team of expert accountants and financial analysts


Bookr uses proprietary technology to deliver deep business intelligence reporting and forecasting. Best part? These features always reconcile to your financial statements. Reconciliation-free full-transparency to all stakeholders.

Why rely on “splicing” different systems together (inventory, billing, financial accounting, forecasting, etc.) which constantly require reconciliation, when you could have a “single source of truth” driving these functions?


Always accurate, no reconciling,

Our team + Your data

Bookr’s financial analysts and accounting specialists partner with clients to ingest client financial data into its proprietary software, which interprets each Company’s single dataset to meet a variety of objectives relating to strategic decision-making, financial planning and analysis, financial reporting, tax compliance, and benchmarking.

How is bookr different from accounting software?

In short, accounting software applications record aggregated results into an accounting format on a historical basis.  Furthermore, accounting systems are only as accurate as the person tasked with maintaining them, and most mid-market solutions lack the sophistication and additional operational data attributes to build meaningful, prospective analyses.

Understand your data, Grow your business

At bookr we know your data is complex, and confidential. We also know letting go of old methods can seem daunting, especially when new systems seem to promise a lot, but many fail to deliver. With bookr faas, our system is curated by our own support team, who gather, curate, and maintain far more data than simple accounting-basis journal entries. Click below for a demo.