Our Purpose


Seize your destiny! Identify opportunities, deploy capital wisely, create value.


We’re on a mission to deliver enterprise-level business intelligence, accounting, and forecasting to the mid-market. Better insights lead to new markets and smarter, more efficient growth.


When you win, we win. We’re here to make the most of your Company’s data so you can achieve all your business goals.

The Problem:

We created bookr to change the way mid-market companies think about their accounting / finance functions. After careers in public accounting and advising private equity and strategic interests on M&A transactions, we observed a systemic deficiency in most mid-market companies’ finance / accounting functions.

The Result:

Many management teams were not equipped to make data-driven decisions regarding growth, cash flows, etc. as efficiently as their financial sponsors or enterprise counterparts.
Most companies’ accounting & finance functions play defense – i.e. preparing analyses only “as necessary” to meet the demands of creditors, investors, etc., and rarely play offense – leveraging their own data to find opportunities to meet their strategic objectives.

The Solution:

Bookr combines the power of modern data analytics with our own army of analysts & accountants to provide you with best-in-class financial reporting, business intelligence, forecasting , and compliance – all from your own data.
Accurate analyses and visualizations for your business, on demand.