How is bookr different than an accounting system (such as QuickBooks, Sage, etc.)?

It’s a great question and a good place to start. In short, accounting software applications record aggregated results into an accounting format on a historical basis. Furthermore, accounting systems are only as accurate as the person tasked with maintaining them, and most mid-market solutions lack the sophistication and additional data attributes to build meaningful, prospective analyses.

Bookr’s system is curated by our own team of financial analysts and accounting specialists, who gather, curate, and maintain far more data than simple accounting-basis journal entries. Because this data has been curated and contains far more attributes than debits and credits, we can build dynamic analyses (accounting and operational, financial projections, cash flow forecasting, ratio analyses, etc.) and deliver them in real-time.

How does bookr charge?

Bookr charges a monthly subscription fee, which include the following:

  • A dedicated team of¬†financial analysts and accounting specialists who learn your business and maintain the integrity of your financial and accounting records
  • Unlimited access to the bookr product suite, which includes best-in-class financial analyses, forecasting, ratio analysis, sensitivity analyses, cost-of-capital comparison(s), etc.

How much does bookr cost?

Bookr’s monthly subscription fee is based on the complexity of your organization, but we find that our fees are significantly lower than the costs to employ your own accounting resources.

Do I have to hire employees to maintain bookr?

No. Bookr provides all the human horsepower through our team of expert financial analysts. We provide the talent so you can focus on running your business.

Can you do my tax return?

No. We do not perform tax services but would be happy to make an introduction to one of our vetted strategic partners who do.