About Us

About Us

We’re Bookr, and we’re nuts about helping mid-market companies achieve their goals.

How do we deliver you ask? We leverage technology, our team of dedicated analysts, and your company’s data to provide bullet-proof accounting, curated business intelligence, and on-the-fly forecasting.We break the data silos in your organization to enable enterprise-grade analyses and give you control over your own destiny.

We know, nobody wants to learn another system or hire more employees… Good news – you don’t have to with Bookr! In fact, our team of analysts and accountants do all the “heavy lifting” of implementing our technology “behind-the-scenes” and maintaining your financial reporting every month. You and your team will get best-in-class financial reports for your stakeholders, curated business intelligence based on what’s relevant to your objectives, and a dynamic forecast builder to see where your business is heading.

Tired of accounting / finance systems that only your accountants understand? Not anymore. We believe you are the ultimate expert at your business, and our job is to give you the tools to lead your team to the promised land (but without all the “ finance jargon”).

Understand your data – own your destiny.

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