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Role and Responsibilities

  1. Working with designers, product managers and founding team to collaboratively own the application layer
  2. Working in collaboration with UI/Ux Team to design and build responsive and elegant mobile + desktop web UIs
  3. Working in collaboration with founding team to lay down desired Architecture
  4. Develop clear, well documented, and maintainable code
  5. Implement and monitor best practices in terms of Architecture and Code Base
  6. Ensures that application integrates with overall system architecture, utilizing standard IT lifecycle methodologies and tools

Skills Required – Must Have’s

Summary attributes – must have:

  1. At Least 5 years of experience with Python/Django
  2. Background in developing scalable SaaS platform preferably in Python/Django along with popular frontend frameworks like AngularX, React
  3. Demonstrable leadership skills for managing Development and Release Cycle
  4. Excellent debugging and problem solving skills

Technical Skills Must Have:

  1. Python 2.7 or higher,
  2. Django 1.8 or higher or Flask,
  3. Mysql/Postgresql
  4. ORM (Django-ORM, SQL Alchemy)
  5. Server Side Templating Languages (Jinja2, Mako, Django Templates)
  6. Django Rest Framework
  7. JWT/pyJWT
  8. Pandas, NumPy, SciPy
  9. HTML5, CSS3
  10. Object Oriented Javascript
  11. Linux OS
  12. GIT/SVN
  13. Hands on experience with Python WSGI Application and Apache – mod_wsgi
  14. DevOps; Hands on CI/CD tools like Jenkins

Process Skills Must Have

  1. Strong hold on Agile Methodology(Scrum, Kanban)
  2. Deep understanding of Epics and Stories
  3. Hands on experience with Agile tools (Jira, Asana, Bootcamp, Trello)

Add-on Skills – Preferred

Technical Skills Add-on:

  1. Celery/RabbitMq
  2. Elastic Search/Solr
  3. Docker,
  4. AWS SES, EC2, RDS, Lambda
  5. Familiar with single-page app front-end frameworks, MVC patterns/Flux
  6. Familiarity with application security solution like Veracode
  7. OpenCV-Python

Process Skills Add-on:

  1. Agile Planning Poker
  2. Sprint Planning